My Top 5 Interior Trends I’m Loving Right Now

My Top 5 Interior Trends I'm Loving by the Lusting Life

After a short trip to Dorset a few weeks ago, I’ve found it difficult getting back into blogging. I’ve felt a little de-motivated on the blogging front if I’m honest, as majority of my time and energy has been spent applying for jobs.

If any of you are interested, I may write about my experience working in freelance roles/ short-term contracts soon on the blog. The key downside and main risk is obviously not having a constant income stream, but comes with great perks such as better pay, flexibility of hours, etc and being able to work from home/ remotely.

Anyway..since my trip, I’ve spent my time applying for jobs and having some ‘me’ time. And of course, I’ve spent some time drooling over interiors too! So I thought I’d share my top 5 interior trends I’m loving as there are some great trends right now. These are the  I’m currently loving/ filling my Pinterest boards with!

My Top 5 Interior Trends I’m Loving

All Things Animal…

My Top 5 Interior Trends I'm Loving, leopard vase mia fleur

I adore this leopard head vase from MiaFleur that has definitely featured in my wish list before. I love animal related decor so I’m chuffed it’s a trend that has been building recently. Quirky, unexpected animal heads/ faux taxidermy is quickly becoming a must have in interiors, so I’m well and truly sold on this one!

I can imagine this quirky piece with a fern or another house plant in, or hung above my bar cart as a stylish, wall-mounted straw holder! And continuing the animal theme, the Birdy table from Urban Outfitters below is another item that still remains on my ‘to buy’ list. I love it’s little legs! So I now just need to convince James we need a new bedside table.


The Indoor Jungle Trend

I’ve become obsessed with house plants recently along with the rest of the interior blogosphere it seems! I’ve been slowly adding to our growing collection of greenery, gone are the days when I used to mock my mum for her hippyish decision to have spider plants hung from the ceiling in every room…now I’m in awe & emulating the look!

I’m currently loving these west elm planters, especially this Llama one! I love the idea of lots of decorative pots, trailing plants & of course my hunt for an illusive cheese plant continues…I’ve dragged James round Homebase, B&Q & numerous garden centres in Nottingham for the past few weekends with no luck. So a faux one like this cheese plant here will be ordered soon!

Millennial Pink

The dreamy bubblegum shade of pink that’s everywhere right now. And it’s popularity remains this Spring/ Summer in the form of clothing/interiors, this colour is a winner in my eyes! And for someone who has been a hater of pink throughout my teenage years, I’m surprised to have since become a huge fan of this colour.

This love affair began with a birthday visit to Sketch London last year, I’ve longed for a pink themed seating area ever since. So when I saw the Gallery Velvet Cocktail Chair in blush on Rockett St George‘s website – my whole body swooned. I swore I’d track down a little, pink ladyfinger chair like the one’s they have in the gallery but failing that Rockett St George offer a worthy alternative!



Marble is another trend that refuses to budge. And for good reason, it’s perfect! I’d happily decorate my whole house with smatterings of marble from my kitchen units to soft furnishings! As well as my love for marble on everything, I have also loved large-scale, bold wallpaper prints for some time now.

So teaming a large format print with marble is my ideal wall covering choice. And I’ve found a wall covering that does just that, in the form of NLXL Piet Hein Eek White Marble Wallpaper which has a tromp l’oeil effect so it appears as your walls has been tiled in marble! There is also a stunning herringbone effect one too!
Bathroom wishlist item number 2 added to the list (no 1 is a claw-foot bath obvs.)

A Touch Of Gold

Last but not least, gold! A trend I’m always on board with whether it’s in fashion or not! Gold accents feature heavily in my home, as I think it really adds something to any room.

Just a few well-placed, gold accessories can work wonders to pull together a room scheme, so whether you’re lusting after more expensive feature pieces like the stunning Midas table below, or get the look by adding a few cheaper accessories like these h&m pots from only £3.99, you can easily add a touch of luxe to your interior with gold.

Sequin Belly Basket / Midas Gold Side Table / H&M Gold Plant Pots

My current favourites are above but whilst we’re on the subject of gold I wanted to mention Desenio for their great gold frames.20170602_111024

I recently framed my Andy Warhol Rorschach print shown above. They make any print look a lot more expensive & are relatively cheap, so check out their fab gold frames here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Top 5 Interior Trends I’m Loving Right Now post, let me know in the comments below what trends you’re loving right now. Thanks for reading.

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