My Favourite Prints From Society6

I was having a little browse on one of my favourite print sources last night, and thought I’d share my favourite prints from Society6. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, it’s an incredible platform for thousands of independent artists around the world to sell their work.

About Society6

Anyone can sign up and sell their prints, they just upload the artwork files & Society6 deal with the printing/ shipping when someone places an order. And it’s not just prints, each design can be printed onto a variety of other home-ware items too (30+ apparently!)

Its long been my go-to place for quirky prints, cool cushions & homeware as it’s a great source to find cool designs that not everyone else will have in their home. I even tried to sell my own work on there, back in my uni days…. I sold 1 print!

I’m pretty sure it was my mum who bought the A4 sized print of my shite digital drawing, but it’s kinda cool to think if it wasn’t my dear, ol’ mum, one person out there in the world has a one-off, original print hanging on their wall by moi!

Below are some of my favourite finds on Society6. if you haven’t checked the site out before then it’s definitely worth a look if you still haven’t found the right print, cushion or even curtains for your room yet!

Honestly I spent a good hour & a half on there last night….happy browsing folks!

Close Noir by Quibe


This one has popped up on Pinterest a few times, I adore its simplicity and will definitely be purchasing it soon.

ALBINO LION by Paul Fuentes


I’ve discovered I have a thing for pink recently….& this ticks all the boxes. Pink, quirky, animal’s my new favourite print. I have no idea why I love it so much, but I do! It needs to be mine.

Headdress by Amy Hamilton


I’ve liked this print for a while now but I have never got round to purchasing it. I think this would be the perfect addition for our spare room gallery wall.

The born of the universe by Robert Farkas


There is something I love about black & white prints, this one really caught my eye. In our bedroom we have black & white prints & a few pops of bright pink to lift the scheme, so I could see this one being a great addition.

Popoki by Littleclyde


Cats! I bloody love cats. My friend bought a similar print to this one in Sweden which I’ve had my eye on/ secretly wanted to steal from her house! So this would be a suitable alternative to trying to nab hers on my next visit!

Make Your Own Luck by Vincent Cousteau


I like the punchy yellow, & positive messaging. A bit of luck wouldn’t go a miss at the moment… positive vibes & all that! So this may need to be a future purchase too.

Let’s All Go And Have Breakfast by Teo Zirinis


Again, this one has also been on my wishlist for a while now. I really like silly, goofy prints like this for our kitchen (we currently have a bear drinking tea that’s waiting to be framed/hung.)

I once bought this print on a t.shirt & it honestly made me happy every time I wore it! So, I can definitely see us purchasing this print for le kitchen! 

Enjoy Life Eat Cake by Jeff Mindell Photography


Neon sign, pink, cake…. what more do I need to say! This would also feature in our kitchen gallery wall of prints. James still needs convincing that our rented home needs a gallery wall/ numerous holes drilled to hang them all…but I’m working on convincing him!

Pink Eruption by Filip Hodas


Do you see a theme? Pink & bold, moody b&w or animal themed! I definitely have a like for certain types of print right now.

I would say I have eclectic taste when it comes to prints. But as I wander around our home, staring at our artwork – it makes me happy. So whether it’s a whimsical animal, abstract print or an erupting pink volcano like above, you can be sure it’s cheering me up every time I see it.

Decor by Sarah Eisenlohr

Spare room, this has your name all over it! I love the colours, the cacti & I can imagine it as the second, new addition to the gallery wall (headdress above is a contender too!)

Hi Bear by Beccatapert

We have a thing with bears in our house! An ongoing joke that has gone too far, and one that I keep fuelling! I’m not even sure what started it, but during mine & James’ relationship, bear related things have now taken over our home!

Every time I see something bear related I’m immediately drawn to it, so now our home is filled with bear related items. This one above is the next, silly addition that might make it into our collection!

Otter by Laura Graves


Again, I apologise. Whimsical animals & silly human-like behaviour override any sense of interior style I have! My tastes change from lusting after sophisticated decor to…. whimsical animal prints, for reasons unknown – I’m a sucker for them! This otter will one day hang in our bathroom!

Vintage Pastel Ocean Waves by Lostfog Co↟

And last but not least, a calming, pink seascape. I find being by the sea so calming, so looking at images of water is the next best thing. Another pastel pink print for my growing collection! A colour I never seem to wear & have strongly disliked in the past, yet inexplicably drawn to when it comes to decorating our home.

vintage-pastel-ocean-waves-xrk-prints (1).jpg

So, that’s it. A random selection of mostly pink or animal themed prints I’ve loving from Society6! The good thing about the site, is there are so many artists/ designs to choose from on there .I guess, the beauty is that no two people would be drawn to the exact same selection of prints, or be drawn to them for the same reasons…well you might but that would be super spooky if you too are drawn to the exact same pink/ quirky animal related prints as me… twinning!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, what prints do you find yourself drawn to? Or let me know if you’ve found any awesome artists on Society6 you like or think I might like too. Happy print hunting peeps, thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Prints From Society6

  1. I’m so happy you made this list. I love Society 6, but they have so many prints to choose from! I love that pink lion, I wish I could have it in our room! And that otter would be perfect for a kid’s bathroom!


  2. I am so glad you made this post! I love Society 6 but they have sooo many prints to look through. The otter would be super cute for a baby’s room or bathroom. And I really like that lion!

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