What To Do In Copenhagen – Part 2

Continuing on from my What To Do In Copenhagen-Part 1 blog post, I split my trip into two just so I could share an obscene amount of interior pictures from my new, favourite store! So, that said…let’s continue!

Day 3: Paper Island, Free Town, Norrebro, Jægersborggade, Assistens Cemetery

On day 3 of our trip, we had a teeny breakfast then headed straight for Copenhagen’s indoor, street food market, Paper Island. On Saturday’s the market opens at midday, but we got there early to scope out our options…& boy, we were like kids in a candy store!

20170408_112309There were so many to choose from. I’d done some research beforehand so I knew to get in early for tacos before they sold out, and we also opted to share a gourmet duck burger, a pulled pork burger & duck fat fries which were all priced between £4-6 each.

It was very tough to choose just a few & there were so many others we wanted to try but we were pretty happy with our yummy selection! I managed to get a picture of the amazing taco’s but James had already polished off most of the burgers before I could take a pic. Let me tell you though…the food is definitely worth a trip there!

The next place on our list was Free Town, Christiania which was just a short walk away from the food market and is a cool place to have a wander around. On our way there I spotted this cool building that I just had to take a picture of (I think it may have been a school/college?)

The whole city is filled with quirky buildings & great architecture. I really liked the mix of building styles side by side, I’d literally go back to Copenhagen to do a ‘cool buildings photo tour!’


Freetown was a short walk away from here, but we managed to stumble straight into the green light district area! As freetown is its own, little micro-nation, weed is legal in Christiania!


We didn’t manage to find a guided tour whilst we were there which was a shame as I would of liked to learn more about it. But it was easy enough to find our way around ourselves & we got to soak up their hippy, alternative atmosphere along the way.

I loved the graffiti and getting to wander each street, wondering who lived in each quirky house we passed. It’s was a really interesting place to visit, if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a wander through.


Next on the list was the Nørrebro neighbourhood as I’d heard Jægersborggade was a particularly cool street to visit. Maybe it was the time of year or the weather, but I couldn’t see what the big deal was with this one? I’d imagined a busy street packed with people, music & a cool, Shoreditch vibe but instead it was really quiet with only a few shops to mooch about in.


Maybe in summer when everyone lines the streets and the sun’s out…but for us, aside from grabbing a quick coffee in the Coffee Collective & a quick look in the shops, it was a bit underwhelming really. There was a cool ice-cream place though (no pun intended) called Istid that uses liquid nitrogen to make the ice-cream but it was a bit too chilly to get one when we went. Still, it was awesome to watch how it was made through the window, even if we didn’t try any!


Afterwards we had a wander through Assistens Cemetery across the road, it sounds a bit morbid but it’s a really peaceful place to take a walk through. We were cold and a bit underwhelmed after having to get a bus to/from Norrebro, so it was time to head back to the hotel for a bit to warm up before heading back out to a local Chinese for the evening.

Day 4: The Copenhagen Lakes, Illums Bolighus & Tivoli Gardens & more interior stores!!

We’d planned to stay out in Norrebro for the whole evening on day 3 as there were some really cool bars we wanted to visit but as we were cold, tired & lame – so we called it an early night after our Chinese….yep, like the cool kids we are! So I definitely need to go back and see what Copenhagen’s nightlife is like/ re-deem myself…I promise I’m 28 not 60!

We only had till 3pm on day 4 before we had to head back to the airport, so we tried to squeeze a few more things into our last half day! For me, that meant dragging James around interior stores!

But first we headed to the The Copenhagen Lakes for a swan ride! We passed this pretty, little area on our bus journey back from Jægersborggade, so we took advantage of the sunshine & peddled our way around the lake for a while. Next, food! We headed for Torvehallerne indoor market & grabbed a coffee & an awesome pizza from Gorm’s then walked it off through a really picturesque park nearby on the way to the shops!!

As we wandered towards my new, favourite store, we stopped along the way at Cousins – the perfect interiors store/ cafe. If we hadn’t of just ate, we would of definitely got brunch there. You sit within an awesome interiors store, eating avocado on toast, watching the world go by…. what more could you ask for! On my next visit to Copenhagen, I’ll definitely be heading back there there for brunch!

I also found a street with trampolines in the floor, so had a quick bounce like the big kid I am! We found a few other interior stores along the way that I had to have a quick mooch in & annoyingly I spotted some amazing looking stores that were closed. But now, on to my favourite store – Illums Bolighus. It is an interiors mecca, consisting of an entire department store filled with furniture, home-ware & more, I was in interior heaven!

Surrounded by so many designer & highstreet brands under one roof, I was literally wandering around stroking/ drooling over every item! Mid-century modern furniture, statement lighting, lots of copper, chrome & velvet. Can I just live there?

There was a whole floor dedicated to home-ware, the next floor filled with beautiful interior displays, then more furniture & a whole area of designer lighting upstairs. I went snap happy & took pictures of so many interior displays, as I loved everything on display. Favourites pieces, the grey, modular sofa in the top photo, the Tom Dixon copper lamp & the green, velvet sofa above.

I was gutted we only had a hand luggage allowance…I would of smuggled half the store back to the UK if I could! Including the cactus vases below, I need one in each size. Along with the Tom Dixon candlesticks & the entire stand of gold accessories! Honestly, James had to drag me out of there. This place is a must for any interior lover.

After being coaxed out the store finally with the promise of coffee & cake, we had time for one last stop…Tivoli Gardens! I would highly recommend going if you’re a big kid who likes amusement parks, nostalgic rides, pretty gardens & getting that slight sense of dread that each ride is old enough to break during your ride!

It was around £30 for an unlimited ride ticket, unfortunately we only had an hour & a half to squeeze in as many rides as we could. But we tackled the main rollercoaster, The Demon first, then the Golden Tower that is a lot higher than it looks. For someone who doesn’t like heights, let me tell you – it was frickin high!

I would of loved to wander round the gardens as it was the perfect weather for it. I would of liked to go on some of the smaller rides & get to play the vintage arcade games too but we ran out of time. So, after a few more rides it was time to call it a day. The whole place is so whimsical, I really wish we’d of got to spend the whole afternoon there. We will definitely be going back. So with that, we picked up our bags from the hotel & headed back to the airport. Copenhagen, although expensive was a wonderful place to visit & one I highly recommend.

I hope you’ve liked reading my Copenhagen blog post. Have you been? If so, what places were your favourite to visit/ are there any places I missed that deserve a visit next time I go. Let me know in the comments below, thanks for reading.

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